For over twenty years, I have been involved in delivering ambitious arts projects, concerts, conferences, exhibitions, events and festivals.

I formed CulturalSIX in April 2010, as I believe in the vital role that culture plays in creating positive transformations in both people and places. Growing up in Europe and East Africa has given me an international outlook, and appreciation of the importance of promoting cultural exchange.

Art is a constant source of inspiration for me and advocating for the arts is second nature. This includes in the press, radio and TV. I have written articles on artists and cultural policy for catalogues and specialist journals.

I have chaired debates at a wide range of events, from trades shows, to national museums and large festivals including the Venice Art Biennale and other conferences internationally. Some were fun, others a bit more controversial (if you know ; you know).

My work on communications, marketing and PR has dealt with all aspects of awareness raising, through campaigns reaching out to a range of audiences, using advertising, social media and press. I have also written for EyeforTravel a business intelligence agency that delivers global conferences and content for the online travel industry.

I was a senior manager at Arts Council England (ACE) for fourteen years and worked in the London, national, and South West offices. This gave me a huge national and international network of cultural practitioners that I can draw on to deliver our events.

Experienced at cultural policy at local, regional, and national levels, I was on the working group that created Turning Point, the 10-year strategy for the Contemporary Visual Arts, and was also part of the ACE international strategy group. My work at ACE involved national arts education policy, and creative industries research towards policy development. I continue consulting on the role that culture has to play in developing community and profile for towns and cities.

Strategy development was a key element of my work at ACE, where my remit involved developing participation and engagement programmes across the creative industries with partners from the arts, architecture, crafts, design, dance, fashion, film, gaming, literature, museums, music, and publishing, as well as my specialist expertise, visual arts. I continue to keep myself current with the latest creative economy agendas, ideas and legislation.

This experience has led to a new initiative that I am excited to share. Over the last year, many businesses have told me that there is a need for good quality MC’s.  I am now connecting these businesses with experienced performers that help events run seamlessly.

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